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A tale of two towns

Grado is a recording project by Michael Bloss, who lives in East Anglia.

The culmination of more than a decade writing songs and experimenting with recording, debut album Grado is influenced by a sense of disorientation in Michael's life over the last six years. During this time he left his job in London and embarked on several years living in various European cities where he composed and honed these ten songs, before recently returning to the UK.

The album reflects this rootlessness, covering themes of arrivals and departures, displacement and uncertainty, best exemplified by songs ‘Silvester’ and ‘Home’.

‘Grado’ refers to two different towns with the same name in Italy and Spain that were important during those continental years. The artist name represents one of these towns, the eponymously titled album the other.

Grado can be imperfectly described as a rough kind of indie-folk, with melody and harmony always in the foreground, supported by literate and ambiguous lyrics. The album was written, recorded, performed and produced by Michael himself, mixed by Iain Lowery, and mastered by Eric James at Philosophers Barn Mastering, Norfolk.

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Album out 02/05/2016

‘Grado’ has now been released. It has been half a decade in the making, and now it is finished.

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